March 26, 2005

Fiddling About

I've just finished - I think - fiddling with the CSS code for this blog. There was something strange happening with the way the columns lined up, and some paragraph indenting was bugging me. I surfed bravely away from my normal comfort sites of W3schools and glish's CSS templates. I'd love to play with the CSS Zen garden but I do have other things to do, so I ended up at Floatutorial. I still had to fiddle to get the blogger content to sit in the right place, but at last this blog no longer looks half-cocked. At least in Firefox.

I've also changed the further readings links to a feed. Sara at storytelling is looking for links to authors who blog, so I'm going to get around to putting more into the further reading list. Suggestions always welcome.

Finally, the atom feed is running.

I don't think it has been syndicated to LJ yet, but if someone does that, could they let me know the syn URL? Ta.
The LJ syn is up (thanks, Trina!).

Updated to add:
Thanks to a smart person at the CSS forum, the thing is now behaving under the most common browsers and OSs. The one failing one is if you have a screen resolution of 800 x 600 and are running IE6 on a Windows OS. I'll try to fix it, but in the meantime, if you are being caught by that, may I suggest the joys of Firefox?
Get Firefox!


trinalin said...

Commented in your other blog (and in the syndicated feed of your other blog) that I've got the LJ feed for it and it's called moosifer_reads.

trinalin said...

Oh, and I want to also second your recommendation of Firefox. Wehey Firefox! :-)

Hope you enjoy NEW WHO tonight!

Mags said...

Thanks, Trina!

I'll sort out a link to it tomorrow - I may have had too much wine and be a little too over-excited by new Who to try to code anything tonight!