August 23, 2006

Library Thing & Blogger Beta

Long, long ago there was a woman - who was maybe not such a wise woman as she thought she was - who wanted to create a web of words. She'd tried to be all-consuming but didn't like it. So she unwound the threads of her library and wove an intricate web of feeds. The woman - who maybe didn't see the future as clearly as she thought she did - hadn't allowed for this being hard work to maintain, and prone to breaking because it hung so delicately. Eventually, it gathered cobwebs.

Time passed, and the woman discovered there were new things for her to play with, all shiny like a magpie's hoardings. So she started to transfer all her tagged books into Library Thing which lets her tag them and feed them via script widgets, and she started to redesign the blog to make use of this shiny new things. Except some of the shiny new blog things were too newly forged and couldn't be touched yet.

So the woman - who is now rather wiser about how to spend her time - sits weaving herself a new labyrinth of words which will be easier for others to navigate.